Appetizers & Sides

  • Egyptian Lentil SoupV

    A hearty home-style soup made in house with all natural ingredients.

    Large with Side Bread$7.99
  • DokkaV

    Feel good through this most casual food. This sesame base mix with dried herbs is usually eaten with bread dipped in olive oil. Served with olive oil and side bread.

  • Yogurt and Cucumber SaladD

    Egyptians call it a salad but it’s more of a sauce. Seasoned with mint and a hint of garlic, this is the perfect side to spicy and other richly flavoured food.

  • Salata BaladiV

    This traditional Egyptian vegetable salad is tossed with a citrus-based dressing.

  • Balsamic TehinaV

    Perfect as a dip, dressing, or food sauce, this savoury dressing is made with a base of crushed sesame seeds. Served with side bread.

  • Lentil HummusV

    Our version of this classic Middle Eastern food. Served with side bread.

D Dairy V Vegan


  • FulV

    The undisputed king of Egyptian food, Ful is a deeply-flavoured bean dish of historical fame. House fava beans seasoned with fresh lemons, limes, olive oil, and aromatic spices. Added fresh vegetables, and tehina create a unique balance of fresh and umami.

    Ful Sandwich$7.50
    Ful platter with side Balsamic Tehina, Salata Baladi, Lentil Hummus, and Bread$13.99
  • TameyaV

    One of the classic and oldest of Egyptian food, Tameya is made from shelled fava beans ground with a large amounts of fresh herbs and fried to perfection. Ours is hand-shaped with sesame seeds in the crust.

    Tameya Sandwich$7.50
    Tameya platter with Balsamic Tehina, Salata Baladi, Lentil Hummus, and Bread$13.99
  • Ful and Tameya Mix and MatchV

    Your Mix and Match Choice of 2 Ful and Tameya Sandwiches$13.99
    Ful and Tameya Platter with Balsamic Tehina, Salata Baladi, Lentil Hummus, and Bread$13.99
  • KoshariV

    Travellers to Cairo often write about this ultimate street food craving to return for more. With layers of rice, lentils, pasta, a bold tomato sauce, caramelized onions and garnish, this is a truly mouth-watering dish.

    Classic Koshari Plate$11.99
    Add Extra Caramelized Onions$2.50
    Add Side Salata Baladi$3.99
    Add Side Yogurt and Cucumber Salad (Not Vegan)$2.25
    Koshari Tray - 6 Portions by Order$61.99
  • Roast VegetablesV

    Countryside memories of baskets of freshly picked vegetables prepared in a wood- burning oven are brought back through this dish. Peppers and red onion seasoned with balsamic vinegar, garlic and spices.

    Roast Vegetable Sandwich$7.99
    Roast Vegetable Platter with Balsamic Tehina, Salata Baladi, Lentil Hummus, and Bread$14.99


All Our Desserts are made In-House with Natural Ingredients
  • KonafaD

    Our family recipe of this historical dessert is made with vermicelli-like pastry stuffed with cheese and flavoured with subtle orange blossom, natural vanilla, and lemon.

    Whole Konafa - By Order$35.99
  • Mastic Ice Cream with PistachiosD

    Mastic provides subtle flavour and texture to this premium ice cream. This precious ingredient was traditionally imported by Egyptians and people from the Levant from Greece.

  • Lemon Mint SorbetV

    This may not be the most traditional food on our menu, but we feel that it’s a perfect complement to the flavours of Egyptian cuisine. Hand-crafted with fresh lemons and mint.