Comfort your soul with some deliciously authentic Egyptian food from Papyrus

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Papyrus - Eat like an Egyptian

Egyptian Food is an Exquisite Taste of History

At Papyrus, it’s Simply Fresh and Delicious
Food Every Day...Right in Toronto

Papyrus offers popular Egyptian food based on deliciously-authentic and traditional recipes. Egyptians have a rich agricultural history that dates back thousands of years. That deep connection to the land, the abundance of fresh ingredients, and their love for good food allowed Egyptians to explore and perfect food over the ages.

Discover Amazing Flavours Based on Family Recipes made with Fresh, Natural Ingredients

From transforming the humble bean into a rich staple food to creating distinct flavours and combinations of savoury and fresh ingredients, Egyptian food is renowned for its flavours, texture, and use of fresh herbs.

Explore Exotic Foods

Egypt was at the crossroads of trade, and throughout its history, welcomed people from other cultures who brought along exotic cooking ingredients and preparation techniques.

Fine desserts made with mastic and pistachios were surely the outcome of an open society that welcomed people from Europe and the Levant to call Egypt their home.