Papyrus is committed to reducing our footprint. We believe that by keeping sustainability as a one of our main priorities, we can significantly contribute to a greener planet.

A Greener Menu

Most of our menu items are vegan. We believe that by offering really tasty everyday vegan food that is made from real ingredients, we can encourage people to eat more plant-based foods. This means that we contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions by shifting consumption away from meat, which represents about 10% of Canada’s carbon footprint. We’ve heard “you don’t miss meat eating this” a good number of times!

We also focus on the use of high-quality ingredients. By using fresh rather than processed or pre-cut ingredients, we reduce food transportation and processing. It also means that our food is fresher, tastier, and more wholesome.

Reduced Energy Use

Papyrus reduced energy consumption of its location by almost 50%. This was done in several ways. Refrigeration and cooling systems for example are typically a significant part of a restaurant’s energy consumption. We improved the efficiency of these systems. To illustrate this, we installed curtains on our walk-in fridge to reduce energy required to keep the food cold.

Waste Reduction and Recycling

Rather than purchase new items, at almost the same cost, we reworked some of the existing materials on site that would have otherwise gone to a landfill. For example, the top of a pastry table was cut to be used for dining tables.

Our food is made in small batches throughout the day. In addition to the food being fresh, this reduces food waste. Most of the food that is not sold, is donated to charities. The food is still of high quality and although it may not have “same day freshness”, it is still tasty and nutritious. Our used oils are also recycled to be used as biofuels.

Sustainable Packaging

We understand that any type of food packaging will have an impact on the environment. We believe however that this impact can be significantly reduced through more sustainable choices. At great cost, we avoid the use of single use plastics, and focus on the use of plant-based packaging. For example, our Koshari is offered in containers made from sugarcane husk and our clear containers are plant based. We also use wooden cutlery and paper bags and do not offer beverages in plastic bottles.

To further reduce our use of packaging, we partnered with Suppli to offer food in reusable containers. We continue to work with them to offer more items in these containers.